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Marketing Packages

  • Marketing Analysis

    Market analysis is a detailed assessment of your business's target market and the competitive landscape within a specific industry. This analysis lets you project the success you can expect when you introduce your brand and its products to consumers within the market.

  • Branding Video

    A branding video introduces your brand to target audience viewers and convinces them that your business is worth their time. It tells your brand story, showcases your core values, and builds trust with your target audience. We deliver a completely edited 30 to 60 second video with music and/or voice over, ready to publish Branding Video with aspect ratios of 16:9, 9:16 and 4 :5 for all social media applications.

  • About Us Video

    An About Us video gives you the opportunity to tell viewers about your brand's origin, mission, values, and anything else that makes you unique. Basically a longer, more in depth branding video. We deliver a completely edited 2 minute video with music and/or voice over for your website and social media with aspect ratios of 16:9 and 9:16.

  • Social Media Package

    We deliver 4 Carousel Images, 4 Images and four 20 to 40 second videos that help businesses promote their content on social media platforms.

  • Raw Footage

    Raw footage (sometimes called “source footage”) is the crude, unprocessed camera output that a videographer captures while shooting. It's delivered as an extensive list of files that you may not be able to open without professional software.

  • Business E-mails

    A business email address is an email address that includes a company's domain name, such as name@companyname.com

  • Phone Number

    A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) number is a virtual phone number that works over the internet, allowing users to make and receive calls from any device with an internet connection. VoIP numbers are different from traditional phone numbers because they aren't tied to a specific phone line or device, and they can be assigned to a user rather than a physical location.

  • Fax to E-mail

    Fax to email services, also known as e-fax, allow users to send documents to fax machines using their email. The recipient needs to have a fax machine number and the fax will arrive as a PDF attachment that can be printed, saved, or forwarded

  • Social Media Package

    We deliver and upload 4 Carousel Images, 4 Images and four 20 to 40 second videos that help businesses promote their content on social media platforms every month.

  • Pay Per Click Ads

    Pay-per-click (PPC) is an online advertising model where advertisers pay a fee to publishers each time their ad is clicked. PPC is also known as the cost-per-click (CPC) model

Air Missions

$ 75 Missions

One Hour Missions for New Business located within 10 miles of Mission Bay, San Diego ● Thursday - Friday - Saturday ● 10 am to 8 pm ● 20 minute Pilot Briefing ● Two 10 Minute Flights ● 20 Minute Setup ● Unedited Pictures and/or 2k Video During Flight 

| About Us |

Anna Vargas

Creative Director

Ken Dresser

Pilot in Command

Sebastian Rice

Visual Observer

Our goal is to raise awareness about flight safety by advocating for better pilot education through aeromodelling training.

  • Over 50% of aircraft crashes are attributed to pilot error.
  • 11,164 aviation incidents.
  • 83,772 fatalities since 1970.

We are looking for ethical hero business owners who want to boost sales through marketing and advertising. Everyone who is involved benefits from it. Our earnings are put toward aeromodelling-based aviation safety education and advocacy.

We envision a future where model airplane training is offered in every pilot school around the world.

When you ride a bicycle and fall, you learn without severe injuries. When you stall and crash your model airplane, you learn without killing yourself.

Fun Fact:

FAA licensed drone pilots don't actually need to know how to fly.

As of the current data, there are 368,604 drone pilots licensed by the FAA, with no flight test being a prerequisite for their certification.